Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System


This year's beneficiary are Samaritan Housing

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sam house



We love our community. Each year the Miss Gay Texas Pageant System chooses a nonprofit organization in the community to  support. If you would like us to consider your organization please read the following.

Our Mission Statement:

The Miss Gay Texas Pageant System's purpose is to develop and maintain a high quality and professional pageant system and be recognized as the "Symbol of Excellence" within the community that the pageant system serves.

The system also supports men who take the art of female impersonation to a higher level. Annually, the system will donate funds to the community when available.

Nomination Process

If you would like to nominate your organization, please fill out the nomination form.

Step 1: Nomination/Referral

Any charitable organization may nominate themselves or may be nominated by an individual.

Step 2: Eligibility

Applicants must be recognized by the IRS as a charitable organization and submit a completed application annually by January 1st. A representative must attend the State Pageant in September (final night minimum) in order to receive any funds. The Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System is seriously committed to raise as much money as possible for our selected organizations. To reciprocate this commitment, we expect a representation from the beneficiary's board of directors and/or other supporters to attend the fundraisers throughout the pageant year. Keeping this in mind, funds will be distributed to the charitable organization based on their participation in any fundraising. Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System reserves the right to use the Charitable Organization's, name, logo and contact information for press, publication and/or website usage.

Applicants should be prepared to give a presentation to the MGTSPS Board, prior to any charity selection.

Step 3: Decision

The governing board will collectively vote on which organization(s) will be the Pageant System's beneficiary. The recipient(s) will be notified by mail.


The Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System gives back to the community. Here is a list of our current and past donations:


Beneficiary Donations

2023 Recipient

Prism Healthcare

2022 Recipient

Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund

2021 Recipient:


2020 Recipient:

Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund - 

Educare -

2019 Recipient:

2018 Recipient:

2017 Recipient:

2016 Recipient:

2015 Recipient:

  AIDS Arms/Lifewalk-  $6,000.00 

2014 Recipient:

       Aids Outreach Center of Fort Worth Texas (www.aoc.org)


2013 Recipient:

Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund (www.GDMAF.org) -  $5,575.00 

2012 Recipients:

AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN) – $3,412.00

  eQuest – $3,412.00

2011 Recipients:

AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN) – $4,891.55

 Wish with Wings – $1,630.45

 2010 Recipients:

  Legacy House – $2,000.00

  Humane Society of Cedar Creek – $2,000.00

2009 Recipients:

  Legacy House – $2,175.00

  Meals on Wheels – $2,175.00


**Have a charity organization in mind that needs sponsoring? Fill out this application to be considered as a beneficiary.