Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System

Welcome to a professional pageant system that promotes both female impersonation and community support. We are glad you dropped by.



The Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System gives back to the community. Here is a list of our current and past donations:


Beneficiary Donations

2015 Recipient:

  AIDS Arms/Lifewalk-  $6,000.00 


2014 Recipient:

       Aids Outreach Center of Fort Worth Texas (www.aoc.org)


2013 Recipient:

Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund (www.GDMAF.org) -  $5,575.00 

2012 Recipients:

AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN) – $3,412.00

  eQuest – $3,412.00

2011 Recipients:

AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN) – $4,891.55

  Wish with Wings – $1,630.45

 2010 Recipients:

  Legacy House – $2,000.00

  Humane Society of Cedar Creek – $2,000.00

2009 Recipients:

  Legacy House – $2,175.00

  Meals on Wheels – $2,175.00


**Have a charity organization in mind that needs sponsoring? Fill out this application to be considered as a beneficiary.