Miss Gay Texas State Pageant

Welcome to a professional pageant system that promotes both female impersonation and community support. We are glad you dropped by.

Miss Gay Texas State Pageant ~ Labor Day Weekend

September 2nd & 3rd 2017 at Club Connect in Waco Texas!!



The Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System gives back to the community. Here is a list of our current and past donations:


Beneficiary Donations

2015 Recipient:

  AIDS Arms/Lifewalk-  $6,000.00 


2014 Recipient:

       Aids Outreach Center of Fort Worth Texas (www.aoc.org)


2013 Recipient:

Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund (www.GDMAF.org) -  $5,575.00 

2012 Recipients:

AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN) – $3,412.00

  eQuest – $3,412.00

2011 Recipients:

AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN) – $4,891.55

  Wish with Wings – $1,630.45

 2010 Recipients:

  Legacy House – $2,000.00

  Humane Society of Cedar Creek – $2,000.00

2009 Recipients:

  Legacy House – $2,175.00

  Meals on Wheels – $2,175.00


**Have a charity organization in mind that needs sponsoring? Fill out this application to be considered as a beneficiary.