Miss Gay Texas State Pageant

Welcome to a professional pageant system that promotes both female impersonation and community support. We are glad you dropped by.


Class of 2018

Miss Gay Texas State - Preliminary Winners

Miss Lone Star State - Basha Nicole

Miss Garlow's State - Carmella Dubuque

Miss Lady of The Lake State - Saphire Tailer

Miss Gay Dallas State - Cameron Jade DeMonacco

Miss Texas Bluebonnet State - Natasha Marzan

Miss Golden Globe State - Chloe Oberlin

Miss Silver Star State - Vivien Vee

Miss Fire and Ice State -

Miss Gay Texas State at Large - Preliminary Winners

Miss Garlow's State at Large - Reva Denae

Miss Lady of The Lake State at Large - Marina Drools 

Miss Gay Dallas State at Large - Angela Karrmichael

Miss Texas Bluebonnet State at Large - Korina Duvalle

 Miss Golden Globe State at Large - Hylan Parc

Miss Silver Star State at Large - Jade DeMoore

Miss Fire and Ice State at Large -