Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System


Pageant and Contestant Rules

1. All contestants must be male and have no breast implants, hormone enhanced breasts, cosmetic or body enhancing implants below the neck and be the legal age of twenty-one (21) prior to the preliminary entered. Proof of age, such as a driver’s license and/or state issued identification card, passport, must be provided to the promoter or member of the BOD of the pageant, if requested. If for any reason the promoter or BOD finds cause to investigate the age of the contestant, reasonable measures will be taken for the investigation to ensure that the contestant meets the minimum age requirement. If no validation is found, the contestant will be disqualified.

2. Contestants that wish to run for an At Large preliminary must be at least 6 feet tall (out of heels) and/or at weigh at least 200 pounds. and adhere to Rule #1.
3. Contestants will be judged in the following categories: Male Interview, Evening Gown, On Stage Question & Answer and Talent.

4. Judging will be based on a total points-accumulated system. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the highest talent score. If there is a tie in the talent scores, the tie must be broken by an onstage question involving the top 2 finalists.

5. Presentation and Theme will be determined each year by the current Titleholders and each contestant is encouraged to participate If for any reason the contestant does not want to participate, additional evening gown may be substituted at the time of presentation. This category will not be a judged category and will not be part of the final scoring. Be creative and have fun with it. A cash award will be presented to the most creative contestant.
6. Talent will be limited to 7 minutes, 2 minutes prop set up, and 2 minutes prop tear down.

7. Contestants should consider their talent appropriate for all members of the audience. Talent shall not cause harm or injury to contestants or others or contain offensive content. Use of projectile props is prohibited. (Direct any questions to current titleholders.) NO PYROTECHNICS are permitted (fire, flash pots, flaming batons, etc.). The use of real or authentic looking weapons is prohibited. Liquids of any nature are prohibited. Fog machines, if used, must be ones provided by the venue. Any containers used must be dry. Any containers that have labels related to “Alcohol” must be cleared through the facility owner prior to entrance. This relates to TABC rules. All items used in any act must be cleaned up immediately or administrative points will be deducted from the overall score.
8. Contestants are to wear an evening gown appropriate for the crowning ceremony.
9. Each contestant will be permitted one (1) assistant in the dressing area at any given time and will be required to have a pageant issued badge. Only one assistant may be admitted at no charge all other dressers, dancers, talent performers and all others must pay the door admittance fee. Dancers will be allowed backstage to prepare 2 numbers prior to their performance.
10. All Winners and 1st Alternates MUST compete at Miss Gay Texas State Pageant. Any Winner who does not compete at Miss Gay Texas State Pageant may be banned from the System for one (1) year and will not be permitted to be involved in any Miss Gay Texas State Pageant functions or preliminary pageant held during the year, at the discretion of the BOD. All prizes including, but not limited to, cash, crowns, awards must be returned to the promoter. Any preliminary winner who is unable to attend the state pageant due to work or health restrictions MUST notify their promoter and BOD a minimum of 30 days prior to the state pageant. The Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System is not responsible for any agreement between the promoter and contestant.

11. The abuse of controlled substances or the dispensing of any controlled substances will not be tolerated. Should any activity occur, the individual will be immediately dismissed and any “state title” may be removed by action of the Executive BOD. Any two (2) Executive Board Members may act on behalf of the board in its entirety.
12. Excessive use of alcohol to the point of perceived “public intoxication” or any inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. Any two (2) Executive Board Members may act on behalf of the board in its entirety. Any further offenses will be handled on a case-by-case basis with reprimand executed by the BOD up to and including removal of title.
13. Any contestant or their affiliates caught in the act of stealing and/or causing damage to another contestant’s property will be immediately disqualified and removed from the pageant location.
14. All former titleholders in violation of rules #3, #4 and/or #5 regarding controlled substances, public intoxication and or theft at any state function who have already been reprimanded and are in violation of those rules can be subject to being banned from the pageant system.
15. Anyone, including contestants and their affiliates, who cause a disturbance of any kind during a preliminary pageant or at the Miss Gay Texas State Pageant may be disqualified or have administrative points deducted, and could be banned from all future events. We expect all contestants and their affiliates to behave in a professional manner. Any two (2) Executive Board Members may act on behalf of the board in its entirety.
16. Smoking, food, or drink will not be permitted in the dressing areas at any pageant events.

17. Anyone, including, but not limited to contestants, assistants, dancers, etc. caught badgering or belittling any contestant, any judge, any member of the Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System or any affiliates may be immediately disqualified.
18. A contestant cannot run for an At Large Preliminary and then switch to State at the State Pageant. What they choose to compete for in a preliminary will be the title they will compete in at the State Pageant. Winners and/or 1st Alternates of a preliminary may not run for another preliminary during the pageant season.
19. The current reigning Miss Gay Texas State and State At Large winner may not hold or seek other titles during the reigning period. After their reign winners of the Miss Gay Texas State and State At Large pageant will be permitted to run in another pageant system of their choice after their step down within 18 months (not to exceed $125.)
20. The Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System is not liable for personal fundraising of any titleholder and/or 1st alternate who conducts a fundraiser under the MGTSPS umbrella and fails to attend the state pageant must release all funds to the MGTSPS or be subjected to a 1-year ban from the MGTSPS.
21. If at any time there is an issue, there will be an investigation. If you are at fault for violating the By-laws, Rules and Regulations, and/or Code of Conduct you will be disciplined as follows:
a. 1st violation – verbal warning
b. 2nd violation – written warning
c. 3rd and final violation – removal of crown and title. All winnings including money, jewelry and sash must be returned in the condition it was received to the Board of Directors within 72 hours.


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